About us

The MU archive is a specialised archive which belongs to the network of public archives of the Czech Republic. It ranks second amongst University archives with regard to its range of resources and its stock well surpasses that of other archives in the same category (almost 200 archived resources and collections).

The main aim of the MU archive is the overall care of the archival documents which were created to record the activities of MU. The archive receives these documents on the basis of an administrative directive. The archive is also given or occasionally buys personal collections belonging to well-known academic and pedagogical figures, which are an important source, not only for the biography of the particular individual, but also for the history of science and of the history of the university. Some of the most important and most extensive of these are the estate of Otakar Borůvka , Ferdinand Herčík, Josef Šafařík, František Weyr, František Trávníček, Vladislav Kruta or the recently gained collection from the estate of Oleg Sus. Another important group of archive collections is the writings of scientific and professional associations and social organisations, the most valuable of which is the collection of the Moravian-Silesian Academy of Natural Sciences in Brno. A key moment in the development of MU is documented in the archives by the collections about the faculty committees (1948-1949), the Alliance of Undergraduates of Philosophy (1968-1969), the Committee for the Coordination of Strikes at Brno Universities and the Strike Committee of the Faculty of Arts (1989).

The archive is also made up of a whole series of historical collections of individuals, of which the collection of portrait photos and collections of videos have already been digitalised. About 80 researchers visit the research archive every year and the total number of research visits is around 300. The archive provides a service of inter-archive loans.

The MU archive is a specialized, academic workplace of the university. Apart from its own archive work (receiving documents, arranging the archives and general care of the archive collections) it also undertakes research in the area of the history of the university and also fields which are covered by the university. On the basis of a law regarding archiving it also oversees the work of record-keeping in the various workplaces of MU. At the same time it exhibits duplicates, transcripts, extracts and certificates from the study documents which are kept in the archive.

Facts and Figures

  • At present time there are 5 employees of the MU archive.
  • By the end of 2007 197 collections had been archived.
  • In 2007 86 researchers visited the research archives (of which three were from abroad, and the total number of researchers was 231).