Ing. František Foret, CSc.

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Field of study: Analytical Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Jakub Grym (graduate 2010, topic: Microfluidic devices for bioanalysis)
  • Petra Jusková (graduate 2011, topic: Microfluidics and nanotechnology for bioanalytical applications)
  • Petr Kusý (graduate 2009, topic: Microanalytical systems for coupling with mass spectrometry)
  • Jan Partyka (topic: Bioanalysis of very small samples)
  • Pavel Podešva (graduate 2015, topic: Electrooptical principles for miniaturized systems in bioanalytical instrumentation)
  • Roman Tomáš (graduate 2009, topic: Microfluidics for the analysis of biologically important substances)
  • Anna Týčová (graduate 2016, topic: Analysis of biologically important substances by capillary electrophoresis coupled with mass spectrometry)
Field of study: Biochemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Tomáš Václavek (topic: Microfluidic procedures for sample preparation, cell manipulation and multidimensional separations)