Prof. RNDr. Jiří Fajkus, CSc.

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Field of study: Genomics and Proteomics

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Ivana Goffová (topic: Factors of genome stability in moss and flowering plants)
  • Kateřina Havlová (topic: Analysis of genome instability using genomic and bioinformatic approaches)
  • Eva Majerová (graduate 2014, topic: Epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of telomere maintenance)
  • Lucie Najdekrová (graduate 2016, topic: Study of protein complexes ensuring the stability of the plant genome)
  • Veronika Pavlištová (graduate 2016, topic: Effect of chromatin assembly on genome stability)

consultant of doctoral students

  • Ladislav Dokládal (graduate 2016, topic: Structural and functional analysis of telomerases)
  • Jan Hapala (graduate 2014, topic: Protective role of the nucleosomes)
  • Petra Hloušková (topic: Bioinformatic approaches for structural analysis of plant genomes)
  • Karin Jaške (topic: Crossroads of genetics and epigenetics: nucleosome assembly and chromosome integrity)
  • Petra Kavalcová (topic: Investigation of glycoconjugates in living systems with using mass spectrometric approaches)
  • Matej Medvecký (topic: Bioinformatic analysis in microbiology)
  • Marek Petr (topic: Biophysical and biochemical study of interactions of p53 proteins and its homologues with guanine quadruplexes and cytosine i-motifs)
  • Šárka Schořová (topic: Role of plant telomere proteins in cell regulations)
  • Hana Skoupilová (topic: Characterization of new organometallic compounds with potential anticancer effects.)
  • Pavla Sováková (topic: Plant cells response to stress conditions)
  • Martina Zahradníková (topic: Study of expression of glycoproteins on the tumour cell surface)
  • Martin Ženka (topic: New reactive groups for DNA modification by osmium oxocomplexes as tools for analysis of DNA structure and interactions)
Field of study: Molecular and Cellular Biology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Martina Dvořáčková (graduate 2010, topic: Analysis of Arabidopsis telomere-associated proteins in vivo)
  • Jana Fulnečková (graduate 2001)
  • Mirka Horáková (graduate 2000)
  • Lumír Krejčí (graduate 2000, topic: Homologous Recombination in Yeast "Beginning at the Break, Break at the Beginning")
  • Milan Kuchař (graduate 2005, topic: Plant telomere-associated proteins and their protein-protein interaction)
  • Zuzana Kunická (graduate 2008, topic: Utiliyation of telomerase as diagnostic and predictive tumor marker)
  • Iva Mozgová (graduate 2011, topic: Nucleoprotein Complexes of Telomeres)
  • Petra Procházková Schrumpfová (graduate 2006, topic: Telomere-binding proteins charakterization)
  • Gabriela Rotková (graduate 2008, topic: Characterization of nucleoprotein complexes in plant order Asparagales)
  • Marie Skleničková (graduate 2003, topic: Biologie telomer v onkologické diagnostice)