Prof. RNDr. Michal Kozubek, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Computer Systems and Technologies

supervisor of doctoral students

Field of study: Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Silvie Luisa Brázdilová (graduate 2011, topic: Information Content Analysis in Automated Fluorescence Microscopy)
  • Ondřej Daněk (graduate 2012, topic: Graph Cut Based Image Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy)
  • Jan Hubený (graduate 2008, topic: Applications of PDE - Based Image Processing in Fluorescence Microscopy)
  • Pavel Karas (graduate 2014, topic: Parallelization Strategies for Image-Filtering Algorithms)
  • Martin Maška (graduate 2011, topic: Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms in Fluorescence Microscopy)
  • Pavel Matula (graduate 2003)
  • Petr Matula (graduate 2003, topic: Image Registration and its Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy)
  • David Svoboda (graduate 2004, topic: Cell boundary extraction from 3D histo-pathological images)
  • Vladimír Ulman (graduate 2011, topic: Fast Anisotropic Filtering and Performance Evaluation Tool for Optical Flow in Biomedical Image Analysis)