Prof. RNDr. Viktor Kanický, DrSc.

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Field of study: Analytical Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Tereza Čtvrtníčková (graduate 2009, topic: Analysis of solid materials by means of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy)
  • Veronika Dillingerová (topic: Chemometry in plasma spectrometry)
  • Nina Gardenová (topic: Study of composition of silicate rocks by laser- assisted plasma spectrometry)
  • Jitka Hegrová (graduate 2006, topic: Determination of arsenic and selenium in biological samples and the samples of enviroment by atomic spectrometric methods with hydride generation)
  • Petr Chrást (topic: High resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in elemental and isotopic analysis)
  • Veronika Kohútová (graduate 2016, topic: The study of painted works of art by infrared and Raman spectroscopy)
  • Eva Niedobová (graduate 2006, topic: Spectral properties of ICP discharge in vacuum ultraviolet range and its analytical applications)
  • Hana Nováková (topic: Influence of particle size distribution of aerosols generated by laser ablation for inductively coupled plasma spectrometry on nalytical signal)
  • Alice Staňková (graduate 2010, topic: New Methods of Metals Determination in Fly Ash Samples)
  • Simona Turková
  • Tomáš Vaculovič (graduate 2005, topic: Study of laser beam interaction with sample surface by atomic spectrometric methods)

consultant of doctoral students

  • Michaela Hložková (topic: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in the analysis of natural materials with a focus on geological and archaelogical samples)
  • Tereza Warchilová (topic: Quantification of elemental mapping of surface by means of LA-ICP-MS)