Prof. RNDr. Michaela Vorlíčková, DrSc.

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Field of study: Biochemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Zuzana Dvořáková
  • Helena Kašparová (graduate 2016, topic: Anomalous structure of the DNA in the human genome)
Field of study: Biophysics

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Klára Bednářová (graduate 2014, topic: Tetraplexes in the human genome)
  • Markéta Fialová (graduate 2010)
  • Petra Školáková (graduate 2016, topic: Structural Properties and Pathological Changes of DNA)
Field of study: Genomics and Proteomics

consultant of doctoral students

  • Robert Helma (topic: Mutant p53 target genes and mechanisms of their regulation)
  • Marek Petr (topic: Biophysical and biochemical study of interactions of p53 proteins and its homologues with guanine quadruplexes and cytosine i-motifs)
Field of study: Molecular and Cellular Biology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Daniel Renčiuk (graduate 2009, topic: Relationship between DNA primary structure and conformation of biologically important regions of the human genome.)
  • Martin Tomaško (graduate 2012, topic: Effect of Adenine for Guanine Substitution in human Telomeric G3 (T2AG3)3)