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Molecular basis of cell and tissue regulations

Project Identification:MSM0021622415
Project Period:1/2005 - 12/2011
Investor:link to a new windowMinistry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
Programme / Project Type:Research Intents -
MU Faculty/Unit:
Central European Institute of Technology
MU Investigator:Prof. RNDr. Jiří Fajkus, CSc.
Other MU Faculty/Unit:
Faculty of Medicine
Project Team Member:Prof. MUDr. David Šmajs, Ph.D.
Field:EB - Genetics and molecular biology (E - Bio-science)
Keywords:Cell; genomics; proteomics; biomedicine; gene expression; regulation mechanisms; chromatin structure; structure and interactions of biomolecules

The cell is a system in which each molecule is a component of interaction network. Due to the highly complex interconnection, function of cells and organisms is relatively resistant to failure of individual components of the network. Convergence of thought and methodical approaches which is characteristic for today’s postgenomic era, is a basis for interconnection of research capacities of molecular-biology oriented workgroups of the Masaryk University in the proposed Research Plan (RP). Solving of the RP will proceed in 4 program areas: 1. Regulation mechanisms in animal cells; 2. Functional domains of eukaryotic chromosomes; 3. Genomics and proteomics of regulation circuits in plants; 4. Functional analysis of the genome of clinically and biotechnologically important bacteria. The RP objective is to use approaches of structural biology, functional genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics to elucidate molecular basis of processes which are important from the viewpoint of perspective biomedical and biotechnology applications.