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CERIT – Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in ICT

The Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in ICT (CERIT), established jointly by the Faculty of Informatics and the Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University, focuses on preparing and implementing projects which aim to create a robust and integrated concept for the support of the centre’s independent ICT research and innovative activities as well as providing a framework for interdisciplinary cooperation with partner R&D centres. The university will provide students with opportunities to participate in collaborative projects with corporate partners, motivating them to search for joint solutions to problems and subsequently find application for the resulting findings.

A building designed to house the Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in ICT will be constructed in the Faculty of Informatics complex on Botanická Street in Brno by 2014. With available funding in excess of 500 million CZK, the project will include the construction of spaces for both instruction and research, a business incubator and a science and technology park as well as the establishment of computer centres necessary for processing scientific data. Project funding has been provided by European Structural Funds. Professor RNDr. Jiří Zlatuška, CSc. was appointed CERIT director by the Rector of Masaryk University.

The first phase of the Development of Instruction and Research Infrastructure at FI MU project includes the construction of a new five-storey building (A1) – complete with parking facilities – and the necessary construction work carried out on buildings adjacent to the site. The new wing will house lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, offices, a library and a modern data computing centre. The university succeeded in securing a total of 350 million CZK from the 4th priority axis Infrastructure for University Teaching Connected with Research under the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme; the first phase was officially launched in August 2011.


Once the research and development facilities are finalized, a second project phase will follow immediately. This phase will comprise the construction of a science park and business incubator specializing in information and communication technologies. The university will thus be able to provide innovative companies, professional counselling services and business support centres with spaces and facilities under favourable conditions. The science park and business incubator will be housed in a new seven-storey building (A2), scheduled to be constructed as an extension to the south-west corner of the existing C building; indoor parking capacities are planned as well. Construction costs associated with the CERIT Science Park (CERIT-SP) project total approximately 127 million, of which 75 % will be financed from the Enterprise and Innovation Operational Programme, administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The third phase of the project, i.e. the CERIT Scientific Cloud (CERIT-SC), constitutes the establishment of a new computer centre focusing on processing scientific data and associated research in the field of information technologies. The centre will provide real-time computing and storage resources, providing services for scientists both from the Czech Republic and from abroad. Cutting-edge technology and equipment for the computer centre – worth 130 million CZK – is funded by the 3rd priority axis of the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme. This phase was officially launched in May 2011 and is scheduled to finish in 2013.

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