Intellectual Property

The term intellectual property refers to products, inventions and other intangible results of human creativity, research and thinking. Some of the specific kinds of intellectual property are e.g. industrial property, copyright law and related rights. At universities it concerns results of research, pedagogical or other activities which were achieved while carrying out work or study assignments.

Intellectual Property Protection

From the economical point of view, the efforts to protect results of intellectual work are entirely natural. This kind of protection is highly desirable also for MU – the owner of a protective document (e.g. a patent) has exclusive rights to dispose of the subjects of intellectual property – without his/her consent nobody else in the given region can use these subjects, i.e. manufacture, distribute or utilize them in any way which would enable commercial application of the given intellectual property, thus generating financial means. Number of patents also represents one of the indicators of a scientific institution's success. Subjects of copyright law (literary works, software etc.) are automatically protected by the copyright law.

Treatment of intellectual property at MU is regulated by the Rector’s regulation No. 10/2013 Intellectual Property at Masaryk university which amends and specifies the procedures for originators of the individual types of subjects of industrial property, assuming that these subjects of industrial property were created while carrying out tasks arising from the employment or another labour relation between the originator and MU. The regulation also amends and specifies the procedure for authors, assuming that the author has created the work to carry out tasks arising from the employment or another labour relation between the author and MU or his study obligations towards MU. The regulation also defines the originator's share of the profits from commercial application.

Administration of intellectual property at MU falls within the competence of Technology Transfer Office. It has published a handbook dealing with treatment of research data at Masaryk University which is available both in link to a new windowCzech and link to a new windowEnglish language.