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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Department of Public Economics

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Economics and Administration in term Spring 2014 is 77

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BKV_ZVFSIntroduction to Public Finance and Public Administration, in Czech
BKV_UDEZIntroduction to Health Care Economics, in Czech
BPV_UDEZIntroduction to Health Care Economics, in Czech
DXV_OSTAInternship, in Czech
MPV_EKBYHousing Policy, in Czech
MKV_VSVPGovernance and public policy, in Czech
MPV_VSVPGovernance and public policy, in Czech
MPV_EPIIEuropean Law for Economists II, in Czech
MKV_EKVZEducation Policy, in Czech
MPV_EKVZEducation Policy, in Czech
BPV_ERNOEconomy and Management of Non-profit Organizations, in Czech
BKV_ERNOEconomy and Management of Non-profit Organisations, in Czech
BPV_EPSIEconomic Political and social identity in the European Union, in English
MKV_DIS2Diploma Thesis Seminar 2, in Czech
MPV_DIS2Diploma Thesis Seminar 2, in Czech
MKV_DIS1Diploma Thesis Seminar 1, in Czech
MPV_DIS1Diploma Thesis Seminar 1, in Czech
MKV_DIPRDiploma Thesis, in Czech
MPV_DIPRDiploma Thesis, in Czech
MPV_RDPODiploma Thesis - submiting, in Czech
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found: 77 records, displayed 41 - 60