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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Economics and Administration in term Autumn 2014 is 85

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MKF_AMSYABC of Salary Systems, in Czech
MPF_AMSYABC of Salary Systems, in Czech
MPF_AACCAccounting (Basics), in English
MKF_UFIIAccounting of financial institutions, in Czech
MPF_UFIIAccounting of financial institutions, in Czech
MKF_POMAActuarial Theory, in Czech
MPF_POMAActuarial Theory, in Czech
BKF_BAPRBachelor Thesis, in Czech
BPF_BAPRBachelor Thesis, in Czech
BKF_BAS1Bachelor Thesis Seminar 1, in Czech
BPF_BAS1Bachelor Thesis Seminar 1, in Czech
BKF_BAS2Bachelor Thesis Seminar 2, in Czech
BPF_BAS2Bachelor Thesis Seminar 2, in Czech
MKF_RDFTBank Regulation and Supervision, in Czech
MKF_BAN2Banking 2, in Czech
MPF_BAN2Banking 2, in Czech
BKF_ZAFIBasic Finance, in Czech
BPF_ZAFIBasic Finance, in Czech
BKF_CZAFBasic Finance - seminar, in Czech
BPF_CZAFBasic Finance - seminar, in Czech
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found: 85 records, displayed 1 - 20