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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Department of Finance

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Economics and Administration in term Spring 2014 is 81

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MKF_TEPOPortfolio Theory, in Czech
MPF_TEPOPortfolio Theory, in Czech
DXF_GEVDPreparation of dissertation, in German
DXF_PDPRPreparation of the dissertation, in Czech
DXF_PREZResearch Workshop, in Czech
MKF_SPSASpecial Seminar A, in Czech
MPF_SPSASpecial Seminar A, in Czech
MKF_SPSBSpecial Seminar B, in Czech
MPF_SPSBSpecial Seminar B, in Czech
MKF_SPSCSpecial Seminar C, in Czech
MPF_SPSCSpecial Seminar C, in Czech
DXF_GESLStudy of literature, in German
DXF_SLITStudy of literature, in Czech
DXF_POMVTeaching assitance, in Czech
BKF_TEBPTeze bakalářské práce, in Czech
BPF_TEBPTeze bakalářské práce, in Czech
MKF_TEDPTeze diplomové práce, in Czech
MPF_TEDPTeze diplomové práce, in Czech
BPF_TFSCTransformation of the Financial system in the Czech Republic, in English
CKF_VPRBVzdělávání poradců Raiffeisenbank, in Czech
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found: 81 records, displayed 61 - 80