Office for Studies

authenticated link to a new windowList of contact information (Czech only)

Božena Čechová (assistant for studies)
Kamila Debsová (assistant for studies)
Ing. Dagmar Janoušková (assistant for studies)
* Bc. Marcela Machaňová (assistant for studies)
Lucie Malá (assistant for studies)
Bc. Gabriela Medková (assistant for studies)
Mgr. Zuzana Mikulášová (head of division for studies)
Mgr. Bc. Tomáš Navrátil, DiS. (consultant for administration of study)
Barbara Szláviková (assistant for studies)
* Bc. Kateřina Tlapáková (assistant for studies)
Tereza Vrzalová (assistant for studies)

* Maternity/Parental leave