About us

The Faculty of Economics and Administration was established in 1990 as the first new Masaryk University faculty following the Velvet Revolution; teaching was launched in September 1991. Since then, it has developed into a stabilised institution providing education in the area of economics and administration to students of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes. The faculty’s primary objective is to further education and research in the economic sciences.

The faculty science and research focus is coherent with its fields of study and the faculty profile, in turn affecting the long-term focus of research carried out at individual departments. Research at the faculty is currently geared towards exploring the competitive capacity of the Czech economy, assessing public sector efficiency, examining development trends in organisational structures and business management and researching corporate human resources utilisation as well as the economic aspects of regional development. The faculty participates in a broad spectrum of research projects and is involved in long-term collaboration with a large number of research institutes and public administration institutions.

The faculty is responsible for implementing Bachelor’s and Master’s fields of study in both full-time and combined study modes, primarily in the area of economics, economic information systems, financial management, economic policy and management, national and corporate economics, regional development and administration and public economics. The faculty also offers the Administration publique (Public Administration) field of study, which is taught in French and organized in collaboration with the University of Rennes in France. The field focuses on educating highly qualified public administration workers and requires students to participate in placements and specialized courses held at both Czech and French public institutions. The faculty also implements the European Economy, Administrative and Cultural Studies, a Bachelor’s field of study held in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Law. Furthermore, the faculty’s range of courses has also expanded to include lifelong learning, primarily in order to attract a greater number of participants with active experience in the field. Lifelong learning currently takes place in accredited fields and programmes as well as being implemented in the form of supplementary activities focusing on the continuous development of knowledge, skills and qualification.

Since 2004, the Faculty of Economics and Administration has been participating in activities taking place at the Telč University Centre, including the organization of Bachelor’s combined studies focusing on economics, public administration, regional development, tourism, banking and management. In addition, the centre also organizes several lifelong learning programmes.

Faculty graduates have a great deal of potential, finding practical application as e.g. experts in contemporary economic theory, senior managers in both governmental and non-governmental organizations, economic process experts in the area of information technology development and operation or managers in the area of finance, banking and insurance. In addition to positions at public administration institutions, graduates may likewise find application in the area of national economics, business journalism and counselling or in corporate management and enterprise.

Facts and figures

  • A total of 3,067 students are enrolled at the faculty: 1,651 in Bachelor’s degree programmes, 1,307 in Master’s degree programmes and 109 in doctoral degree programmes (as of 31 October 2015).
  • The faculty consists of 7 departments and employs a total of 221 academic and non-academic workers including 10 professors and 24 associate professors.
  • Instruction is provided by a total of 234 teaching staff including 129 MU employees, 44 students and 61 external faculty members.
  • A total of 6,283 applicants for studies were registered in 2015; 2,507 were subsequently accepted.
  • A total of 34 disabled students are enrolled at the faculty (2014/2015 academic year).
  • The number of outgoing students stands at 144, the number of incoming students from abroad is 6 (2014/2015 academic year).
  • A total of 919 students graduated from the faculty in 2015: 372 from Bachelor’s programmes, 537 from Master’s programmes and 10 from doctoral programmes.
  • Faculty graduates are extremely successful on the job market (see Graduate employment record).
  • Since 1994, a total of 11,351 students have graduated from the faculty.