Assoc. Prof. JUDr. Ivan Malý, CSc.

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Field of study: Public Economics

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Zuzana Kotherová (graduate 2010, topic: Economic interests in the Healthcare Sector as a Factor of Reforms)
  • Veronika Krůtilová (graduate 2013, topic: Cost sharing of patients for health care - forms, extent, impact)
  • Marek Pavlík (graduate 2009, topic: Implementation of the Health Policy in the Czech Republic)
  • David Pokorný (graduate 2009, topic: Financing of the public sector from external resources - public sector as a banking client)
  • Tomáš Rosenmayer (graduate 2016, topic: Unprofitability as a factor of (in)efficiency. Analysis of the reproductive behavior of nonprofit organizations providing services)
  • David Špaček (graduate 2007, topic: Modern principles of public administration and evaluation of its electronization)
  • Jiří Špalek (graduate 2003)
  • Zuzana Zigová (graduate 2011, topic: Institutional And Financial Determinants Of Public Health Insurance System Operating In The Czech Republic And Their Influence On Deficits)