Assoc. Prof. Ing. Vladimír Hyánek, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Public Economics

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Jakub Dostál (graduate 2015, topic: Economic value of volunteering (in emergencies))
  • Marie Hladká (graduate 2015, topic: Factors influencing donor behavior)
  • Eduard Marček (graduate 2012, topic: Public Funding of Non-Govermental Organizations from Local Goverments in the Slovak republic)
  • Markéta Páleníková (graduate 2010, topic: Public Private Partnerships: Analysis of effective public service providing)
  • Zuzana Prouzová (graduate 2012, topic: Public Funding for Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Marek Vyskočil (topic: The non-profit sector as a bearer of social innovations)