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Implementation of new instruments of public expenditures management on regional level in the Czech Republic

Project Identification:GA402/08/1158
Project Period:1/2008 - 12/2010
Investor:link to a new windowCzech Science Foundation
Programme / Project Type:Standard Projects -
MU Faculty/Unit:
Faculty of Economics and Administration
MU Investigator:Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Jan Šelešovský, CSc.
Project Team Member:Ing. Jarmila Beránková, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Binek
Ing. Petra Dvořáková, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Robert Jahoda, Ph.D.
Field:AH - Economy (A - Social sciences)
Keywords:multi-anual budget procedure, programme financing, performance oriented budget

Current regional budgets formally respect requirements of multi-anual budgeting and partly implenet also programming principle (in the property's reproduction). Principle of on outcomes oriented budgeting is on the very beginning. But what is missing is connection between mentioned tools of budgetary policy budgeting does not have systematic character. Issues concerning management of fiscal risks with regard to relatively short period of region's functioning have not been closely observed yet. In connection with growing regional fiscal capacity and increase in competencies transferred on region there is being an increasing prssure on objectification of budgetary policy in the way that budgeting process will be a mirror to region's sttrategic documents and thus answer the question what costs and outputs is seen through realization of public policies on a regional level. Outcome of this project is the theoretical study that gives reasons to requiremnts valid for creation of a systematic conception concerning budgetary policy on the regional lelvel that will be using sophisticated tools of public expenditures management. This study will serve as a theoretical-methodological base for generation of related methodologies. A the same time it will be base for futher research in this area and for education of university students in subjects like public economics, public finances, regional development and administration etc.