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Company strategy in need of external financial resources

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Original title:Company strategy in need of external financial resources
Authors:Jan Krajíček, Dagmar Linnertová
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Citation:KRAJÍČEK, Jan a Dagmar LINNERTOVÁ. Company strategy in need of external financial resources. In Internationalisation of Companies and Intercultural Management. 3rd. Aalborg, Dánsko: Aalborg University, 2008. s. 1-11, 11 s.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:company strategy; free financial resources; bank

This article is focused on analysis of particular accesses and solutions that are used in the Czech Republic in case of the external financial resources needs. Banks as well as companies face similar problem if they need higher volumes of external financial resources related to operating or investing financing. As external financial resources are considered all resources that company gets in their activities in any financial market. In this article we will analyze financial needs over 20 million EURO.