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Influence of non-technological innovations on innovation performance evaluation

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Original title:Influence of non-technological innovations on innovation performance evaluation
Authors:Vladimír Žítek, Viktorie Klímová
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:competitiveness; European Union; innovations; innovation performance; regions

The necessity to increase economic competitiveness has generally been discussed for several years. This has also become a dominant topic of European policies for the period 2007–2013. The basic prerequisite for competitiveness increase is sufficient innovation capacity as was also assumed by M. Porter in his microeconomic theory (Porter, 1988). The potential for innovation can be identified both at national and regional levels, because innovations arise in specific localities. With increasing requirements for innovation creation the need to measure innovation performance emerges. One of the approaches to the monitoring of innovation outputs is the Community innovation survey (CIS). The latest available data came from the survey conducted in 2008 (CIS 2008). This innovation survey provides a lot of indicators that allow assessment of the structure of innovations at the level of the EU member countries. The basic distinguishing classification of innovations is into technological and non-technological ones. Whereas in the survey CIS2006 the non-technological innovations were not equalized with the technological ones and the enterprises with only non-technological innovation were not considered to be innovative, since CIS 2008 both types of innovations have been equalized.

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