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How Can Economist Contribute to the Research of Charitable Giving?

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Original title:How Can Economist Contribute to the Research of Charitable Giving?
Author:Marie Hladká
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:Altruism; charitable giving; philanthropy; warm-glow theory

The topic of philanthropy has been receiving attention internationally for several decades. Like other areas of nonprofit studies, charitable giving and volunteering are attracting more and more attention from researchers in a wide variety of disciplines including economics. Even though philanthropy tends to be considered a sociological theme rather than an economic one, it poses a lot of questions that challenge economists too. My research questions are as follows: How can economists contribute to the theory of philanthropy? Can we consider voluntary giving a demonstration of generosity rather than market-based solutions? I intend to examine the terms that are used in the theory of public economics and to use them to look at the issues of philanthropy. They are e.g. the Samaritan’s dilemma; the prisoner’s dilemma; or the free-rider problem.

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