Field of studyBusiness Management

Single-subject study
Type of studyfollow-up master's
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies2,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 8. 2019
Field of study code6208T086
Degree programme codeN6208
Offered byFaculty of Economics and Administration

The study focuses on the economics and management of a company as a whole, as well as of its individual functions: production, personal, scientific-technical, business, and economic-financial. The goal within the scope of the study is to understand factual, economic, organizational, informational and managing aspects of the processes that take place in a company, as well as the relations among these aspects. Together with gaining theoretical knowledge, students will also be able to develop their skills that are necessary for the executive and managerial activities. The question of companies and entrepreneurship is dealt with on a general level; the applied level deals with the frame of two specializations that are focused on production companies and business companies.

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

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