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13 - 14 September 2012
IV. Congress of Art Historians : The Art and Politics

The Congress of Art Historians is a Czech Republic-based event that takes place at a different institution each three years and wants to promote the professional practice and public understanding of art history. These prominent, research events take place over two days. The 4th Congress of Art Historians in the Czech Republic will take place in this year at Masaryk University in six sessions (Art, power and politics; Art , liturgy and religious events in public spaces; Art and politics in non-European regions; Art as a means of the national and state representation; Art exhibit : the curator as artist and creator ; Conservation of the monuments in 2012: values - system - liability). The programme packs in over thirty papers, keynote lectures, and much more.


Faculty of Arts, MU, Brno, Arna Nováka 1, building C and D

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