Tuition fees

Masaryk University offers degrees in a wide range of both traditional and newly-emerging disciplines in Czech language; The education for students enrolled in those degree programmes held in Czech language at all levels from Bachelor through Master’s to doctoral degree programmes is tuition free.

If you require additional knowledge and Czech language training for entering into higher education studies in Czech, a preparatory year before admission to MU with Czech language intensive courses can prepare you for studying in Czech language in over 1200 study fields. You should consider tuition fee in total amount of 6200 EUR. The fee includes also the accommodation among other things!

In addition, variety of Master's and Doctoral degree programmes are offered in English and other world languages. As the English-taught programmes are not subsidised by the Czech Ministry of Education, they rely on tuition fees covered by students. You should consider that before you apply.

The tuition fees vary depending on the programmes and languages of tuition:

ProgrammesStudy-related fee / per year
Programmes taught in Czech0 EUR
Programme taught in English 1650-11500 EUR *
A preparatory year of Czech language6200 EUR

* For detailed information on tuition fees for studies in the English language, please refer to: