Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Pavel Matula, Ph.D.

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Completed procedures:

Habilitation procedures
Masaryk University faculty carrying the appointment processFaculty of Informatics
Name of the ApplicantRNDr. Pavel Matula, Ph.D.
Affiliation of the ApplicantFaculty of Informatics
Habilitation thesis (public part)link to a new windowImage Processing in Fluorescence Microscopy and its Utilization in Cell Biology Experiments
Starting date12. 4. 2012
Habilitation Board
ChairProf. Ing. Pavel Zezula, CSc. (FI MU)
MembersProf. Ing. Jan Flusser, DrSc. (ÚTIA AV ČR)
Prof. Ing. Václav Hlaváč, CSc. (FEL ČVUT v Praze)
Prof. Ing. Jiří Jan, CSc. (FEKT VUT v Brně)
Prof. RNDr. Eduard Schmidt, CSc. (MU - Faculty of Science)
ReviewersAssoc. Prof. Ing. Jan Kybic, Ph.D. (FEL ČVUT v Praze)
Prof. Horst Bischof (Technische Universitat Graz, Austria)
Prof. Ulla Ruotsalainen (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
Public lecture time and date16. 10. 2012
Faculty Scientific Board session8. 11. 2012
MU Scientific Board session
Current stateassociate professor appointment
Closing date1. 2. 2013