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Distributed LTL Model-Checking Based on Negative Cycle Detection

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Original title:Distributed LTL Model-Checking Based on Negative Cycle Detection
Authors:Luboš Brim, Ivana Černá, Pavel Krčál, Radek Pelánek
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Field:Computer hardware and software
Type:Article in Proceedings

This paper addresses the state explosion problem in automata based LTL model checking. To deal with large space requirements we turn to use a distributed approach. All the known methods for automata based model checking are based on depth first traversal of the state space which is difficult to parallelise as the ordering in which vertices are visited plays an important role. We come up with entirely different approach which is dependent on locating cycles with negative length in a directed graph with real number length of edges. Our method allows reasonable distribution and the experimental results confirm its usefulness for distributed model checking.

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