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Local Distributed Model Checking of RegCTL

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Original title:Local Distributed Model Checking of RegCTL
Authors:Ivana Černá, Tomáš Brázdil
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Citation:ČERNÁ, Ivana a Tomáš BRÁZDIL. Local Distributed Model Checking of RegCTL. In PDMC 2002 Parallel and Distributed Model Checking. The Netherlands: Elsevier Science Publishers, 2002. s. 1-14. ISBN 0444512918.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:model checking

The paper is devoted to the problem of extending the temporal logic CTL so that it is more expressive and complicated properties can be expressed more succinctly. The specification language RegCTL, an extension of CTL, is proposed. In RegCTL every CTL temporal operator is augmented with a regular expression restricting thus moments when the validity is required. The resulting logic is more expressive than previous extensions of CTL with regular expressions. RegCTL can be model-checked on-the-fly and the model checking algorithm is well distributable.

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