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Minimal Perturbation Problem - A Formal View

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Original title:Minimal Perturbation Problem - A Formal View
Authors:Roman Barták, Tomáš Müller, Hana Rudová
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Citation:BARTÁK, Roman, Tomáš MÜLLER a Hana RUDOVÁ. Minimal Perturbation Problem - A Formal View. In Proceedings of ERCIM Working Group on Constraints/CompulogNet Area on "Constraint Programming" Workshop. Budapest (Hungary): MTA SZTAKI, 2003. s. 209-226.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
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Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:constraint satisfaction; solution update; timetabling

Formulation of many real-life problems evolves as the problem is being solved. These changes are typically initiated by a user intervention or by changes in the environment. However, the traditional formulation of the constraint satisfaction problem is static in the sense that it must be fully specified before the solving process starts. We propose a formal description of so called minimal perturbation problem that allows an automated modification of the (partial) solution when the problem formulation changes. We also discuss a first proposal of the algorithm for solving such type of problems.

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