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Environmental Information Management and Reporting in the Czech Republic

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Original title:Environmental Information Management and Reporting in the Czech Republic
Authors:Jiří Hřebíček, Tomáš Pitner, Jaroslav Ráček
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:environmental information management; environmental reporting; environmental information; central data model

The paper outlines the current trends of environmental information management in the Czech Republic specifically in the field of environmental reporting systems. The selected results of a research project under the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic Analysis and Design of Environmental Data Models and External Czech Environmental Information System Interfaces Compatible with the EU are presented. The next part of the paper describes the attitude of the Czech companies to the environmental reporting, factors that influence this attitude, progress and trends in this area. Barriers to the adoption of environmental reporting principles in the Czech Republic are also identified. Furthermore, the developed web information system Central Data Model is discussed. It enables to manage and monitor obligatory reporting activities of the Czech Republic. The global central data model for environmental information exchange and reporting purposes has been designed here to perform systematic attributing and thereby providing a basis for a central output data warehouse to meet reporting obligations.

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