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An E-learning 2.0 Environment - Principles, Technology and Prototype

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Original title:An E-learning 2.0 Environment - Principles, Technology and Prototype
Authors:Tomáš Pitner, Pavel Drášil
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:E-learning 2.0; LMS; Web 2.0; blog; wiki; REST; XML; Adaptive XML Inclusions; L2 Platform

With the current shift in web technology called Web 2.0, many e-learning experts compare the traditional view of e-learning with the expected level of e-learning services and find common problems with present LMS platforms. Primarily, we will identify the most important properties of an E-learning 2.0 platform. Secondly, a prototype, Java-based open-source E-learning 2.0 platform L2 will be introduced and evaluated.

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