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MMORPG playing of youths and adolescents: addiction and its factors

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Original title:MMORPG playing of youths and adolescents: addiction and its factors
Authors:David Šmahel, Lukáš Blinka, Ondřej Ledabyl
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Original language:English
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Type:R&D Presentation
Keywords:internet MMORPG addiction

Addition to online role-playing games is one of the most discussed aspects of recent cyber-psychology, mainly for its potentially negative impact on young people in their social lives. In our study, we focus on some chosen parts of addiction to MMORPGs of youths and adolescents, mainly on their day-dreaming and thinking about the game while offline. Our research sample consists of 548 participants, 76% were male, average player age was 25 years. The average estimated play-time per week was 27 hours. We created an addiction score based on a 14-item questionnaire regarding typical factors of addiction, we used questions from other authors Internet addiction questionnaires, the questions were adapted for the MMORPG environment. The correlations between the addiction score and set of questions about day-dreaming and thinking showed certain direction of their inseparability, where, the more players score in addiction, the more they think about the game when offline.

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