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Complex Real-life Data Sets in Grid Simulations

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Original title:Complex Real-life Data Sets in Grid Simulations
Authors:Dalibor Klusáček, Hana Rudová
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Citation:KLUSÁČEK, Dalibor a Hana RUDOVÁ. Complex Real-life Data Sets in Grid Simulations. In Cracow Grid Workshop 2009 Abstracts. 2009.Export BibTeX
author = {Klusáček, Dalibor and Rudová, Hana},
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Original language:English
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Type:Conference abstract
Keywords:workload; Grid; scheduling

Complex real-life data set from the Czech national Grid infrastructure MetaCentrum were collected and applied for comparison of the scheduling algorithms. Interestingly such characteristics are not available in existing archives. The work shows that existence of complex problem characteristics allows much stronger comparison of scheduling algorithms which is not common when the standard data parameters are taken.

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