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Timed Automata Approach to Verification of Systems with Degradation

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Original title:Timed Automata Approach to Verification of Systems with Degradation
Authors:Jiří Barnat, Ivana Černá, Jana Tůmová
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:model checking; linear temporal properties with degradation
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We focus on systems that naturally incorporate a degrad- ing quality, such as electronic devices with degrading electric charge or broadcasting networks with decreasing power or quality of a transmitted signal. For such systems, we introduce an extension of linear temporal logic with quantitative constraints (Linear Temporal Logic with Degra- dation Constraints) that provides a user-friendly for- malism for specifying properties involving quantitative requirements on the level of degradation. The syntax of DLTL resembles syntax of Metric Interval Temporal Logic (MITL) designed for reasoning about timed systems. Thus, we investigate their relation and a possibility of translating DLTL verication problem for systems with degradation into previously solved MITL verication problem for timed automata. We show, that through the mentioned translation, the DLTL model checking problem can be solved with limited, yet arbitrary, precision.

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