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Low-cost ontology development

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Original title:Low-cost ontology development
Authors:Marek Grác, Adam Rambousek
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Citation:GRÁC, Marek a Adam RAMBOUSEK. Low-cost ontology development. In Christiane Fellbaum, Piek Vossen. 6th International Global Wordnet Conference Proceedings. Matsue, Japan: Toyohashi University of Technology, 2012. s. 299-304, 6 s. ISBN 978-80-263-0244-5.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:ontology; WordNet; annotation; VerbaLex
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In this paper, we present the project building new lexical resource -- shallow ontology derived from the corpora. The ontology should be used primarily for machine translation, syntactic parsing and word sense disambiguation. Currently, the ontology for Czech language is developed, but the methodology and tools are suitable for other languages with similar structure. Ontology is based on BushBank corpus, which improves handling of ambiguity in natural language. BushBank data and tools are application-driven, thus reducing the time and costs needed to annotate the corpora and develop new lexical resources.

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