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Four Authorization Protocols for an Electronic Payment System

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Original title:Four Authorization Protocols for an Electronic Payment System
Authors:Roman Žilka, Václav Matyáš, Libor Kyncl
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:payment protocol; micropayment; security protocol

Over the recent years the Czech law has become quite liberal towards electronic payment systems dealing with low-value goods (``micropayments'') \cite{act284}. As of today, few businesses make use of the new legal facilities. This paper concerns a project aiming to support proliferation of the micropayment-based operations by creating a feature-rich, secure payment system with an open specification. More precisely, the key focus here will be payment authorization: as payments are carried out by an electronic device on a customer's behalf, there is a clear need for prevention of its abuse in case of theft. We introduce four original authorization protocols -- each suited to a different environment -- that prescribe the behavior of all relevant communicating devices and hopefully allow for secure and sound authorization.

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