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link to a new windowThe Masaryk University Information System (IS MU) provides students (as well as teachers and other employees) with a range of services which accompany them throughout their studies – from the submission of an link to a new windowelectronic application to the issuing of a diploma and beyond.

The goal of the IS MU is to provide applicants with a convenient way of choosing from amongst the great variety of fields of study offered at the university's nine faculties and help them submit an electronic entrance application to Masaryk University whilst allowing them to complete the entire procedure from the comfort of their homes with no need to send any documentation by post or to deliver it in person.

Explore the Information System!

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Join Klára on a tour of student life at Masaryk University to find out how the Information System helps her progress in her studies.

Following admission to studies at MU, students begin to work with the Information System, discovering the wide range of opportunities it affords. They will soon discover that not only is it possible to register for and enrol in courses electronically, but that they may even register for courses taught at other faculties outside of their field of study. Apart from initial enrolment, there is no need to appear in person at the office for studies in order to check notice boards or seek advice – all of the necessary information may be found in the IS MU. The IS MU also allows students to develop their own schedules (by choosing convenient seminar groups), download course materials, sign up for examinations, monitor the number of available examination dates and even check their grades. Each student is also assigned a unique university e-mail address which facilitates communication with teachers as well as the office for studies.

What Can the System Be Used for?

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Find out how Masaryk University students, teachers and other employees benefit from services offered by the Information System.

In addition to the many obligatory applications, the MU Information System also offers an array of tools facilitating communication within the student community. Discussion forums (dedicated to individual courses, faculty matters or even off-topic chat room discussion) may provide a different perspective on courses, their content and various issues of general concern, as well as constituting a source of senior colleagues' tips and advice on university life. The Noticeboard application may be used by even out-of-town students to search for – or advertise – housing and to monitor invitations to interesting university and student events. Furthermore, the online IS MU link to a new windowShopping Centre offers a range of educational opportunities, conferences, literature, and even language and sports courses.

Discover the IS MU

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Explore features new and old, from the latest additions to established tools: discover the Information System – IS Tips. The website displays a set of slides dedicated to the current phase of the semester; these slides are also projected on selected monitors around Masaryk University. Furthermore, the link to a new windowIS Tips blog includes detailed instructions for each of the depicted services.

Each IS MU user may use the Personal Page application to locate teachers and classmates; the application also functions as a profile page and may be edited to include information such as personal and professional interests, contact information, links to websites and messages. The IS MU invites users to set up blogs, create groups and personalize their display settings (the Personal Page application enables users to share selected data only with friends, etc.). Selected IS MU services – including the above mentioned as well as applications such as e-mail, digital diploma records and study and evaluation records – may be accessed by users even after graduation.

While the MU Information System is doubtlessly one of the most sophisticated university systems in the world, its primary function is to serve its customers: the students of Masaryk University.

More Information About the IS MU

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The Information System is being developed and operated by the Faculty of Informatics since its initial launch in 1999. The system supports study administration, e-learning and communication within the university with the help of a wide range of applications; it boasts an extensive user base of approximately 30,000 daily users (of the 44,000 active persons at MU).