The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is a credit system for the evaluation of higher education based on student workload. The system was originally conceived within the Erasmus programme framework as a tool designed to facilitate student mobility by enabling the comparison and recognition of international studies. Today it is used as a credit accumulation system on both national and international levels in most European countries.

ECTS Label

In 2010, as the only Czech university to date, Masaryk University was awarded the ECTS Label, a certificate issued by the European Commission as proof of the university’s high standards of excellence. The label is also a confirmation of the fact that the ECTS is properly implemented in all Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at MU. Since 2009, Masaryk University also holds the Diploma Supplement Label.

The label constitutes a guarantee of high standards in the area of international mobility, degree programme offer and access to information relevant to these areas in a foreign language. An award-winning institution will thus assuredly be a popular destination for students from around the world.

The ECTS Label applicant must meet a number of stringent criteria in order to ensure a sufficiently high level of services including the publication of information about the institution, its structure and available degree programmes. This so-called information pack must be easily accessible through the institution’s website and must provide detailed information structured according to a prescribed system including information for incoming students as well as information about the university, the city of Brno, health insurance, cultural events, etc. It is also necessary to provide evidence of the proper usage of documents associated with international mobility. In order to meet this condition, the university is required to submit three sets of files regarding both outgoing and incoming students. Although the amount of information is quite substantial, the objective is to ensure that the internal university system has been synchronized with the relevant European requirements for credit allocation. The university was thus asked to present a detailed overview of the actual contents of individual degree programmes and fields of study including graduate profiles, learning outcomes and course annotations. In this respect, Masaryk University has made good use of its unique Information System, which made it possible to configure, automate and recycle a large number of key processes.