Field of studyService Science, Management and Engineering

Single-subject study
Type of studyfollow-up master's
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies2,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 7. 2018
Field of study code1802T031
Degree programme codeN1802
Offered byFaculty of Informatics

This field of study follows the current large shift from traditional paradigm of IT design to IT as a service. Problems and tasks in ICT became more complex and knowledge of IT technology is not enough to solve them. Multidisciplinary view is the core of this field of study. Students will obtain not only IT knowledge (programing, databases, computer security, networks, etc.), but also skills necessary to understand problems in their complexity (marketing, management, finance or law) and necessary communication competencies. Unique part of the study program is one semester long Interim project at an industrial or SME partner of the faculty, where students apply their knowledge learnt in courses to real-life problems. Results of this project form bases of student’s diploma thesis. See more details link to a new window

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

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