People Search at MU

* Students and doctoral students can be found by this application only if they have a public profile. You need to log in to be able to search in all students.



The form allows to search people with active relationship to MU, university graduates, and habilitation/professorship applicants.

If some form of Relationship to MU is selected, the search is restricted to people satisfying all selected criteria.

To the Search Field, first name and/or last name should be entered (in an arbitrary order, separated by space). The entered string must contain at least 3 characters. The following expansion characters can be used:
* - stands for any number of characters
? - stands for an arbitrary individual character

For example, "Adam P*" will return a list of all people whose first name is Adam and the last name begins with letter P, or whose last name is Adam and the first name begins with letter P.