Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Bc. Zdenko Reguli, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Kinanthropology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Martin Bugala (topic: Community policing and conflict (self)management)
  • Jitka Čihounková (graduate 2014, topic: Karate practitioners of various karate styles placing associational words connected with training of the martial art)
  • Petr Droščák (topic: Application of general and specific performance tests in kyokushin karate)
  • Jindřiška Kohoutková (topic: Effect of Qigong on the state of optimal experience - flow)
  • Jan Novák (topic: Influence of acute combat stress on decision-making process of the defender)
  • Tomáš Novohradský (topic: Effectiveness of close combat training of military professionals)
  • Petra Sucháčková (topic: The effect of intense dance - exercise intervention on the ability of static and dynamic balance in healthy seniors and seniors with MCI)
  • Jakub Tomeček (topic: Effect of strength training on the stability of weapon at sporting shotgun shooting in the skeet discipline)
  • Veronika Tumová (topic: Present and future of streetdance)
  • Petr Vajda (topic: Relation in sexual activity and abstinence,aggression and sport performance)