Supervisors Search at MU

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This page provides name search of MU people who used to be, are or could be supervisors or consultants of doctoral students.

You can search for supervisors or consultants by departments they are employed at, by study fields of doctoral study programmes they work in, or by names of particular persons.

In the search by departments a supervisor can be found at the level of faculties or particular departments, with choosing an item in a posted list.

In the study field search you can search for a supervisor with typing a text of a name of a particular study field, or with choosing an item in a given list.

The people search facilitates searching for a supervisor with entering his/her first name and/or last name (in an arbitrary order, separated by space). The entered string must contain at least 3 characters. The following expansion characters can be used:
* - stands for any number of characters
? - stands for an arbitrary individual character

For example, "Adam P*" will return a list of all people whose first name is Adam and the last name begins with letter P, or whose last name is Adam and the first name begins with letter P.