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Perception of Global Self-esteem and Body Fat in Adolescents Engaged in Basketball

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Original title:Perception of Global Self-esteem and Body Fat in Adolescents Engaged in Basketball
Authors:Vilma Medišauskaite, Skaiste Laskiene, Martin Sebera
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Original language:English
Field:Sport and leisure time activities
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Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:global self-esteem; body fat; adolescence; age; gender; basketball

The study examined the relation between the separate specific domains of physical self-concept: global self-esteem (the overall positive or negative feeling about one's self) and body fat considering age and gender in adolescents - basketball players. The respondents (54 man, 41 woman) were divided into two age groups. An ordinary Introductory Questionnaire of 20 items was compiled in order to describe the population. To analyze the interaction effects for our researched factors (gender and age involvement), MANOVA and correlation were calculated. Significance level was chosen to be 10%. The results proved our assumption that females tended to have more negative evaluation of the body fat then males regardless of their age. The differences in the evaluation on global self-esteem were revealed by age, but not by gender. Global self-esteem was found to be more positive in younger adolescent than in older basketball players regardless of their gender.