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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Sports Studies in term Spring 2015 is 632

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c963Aqua Aerobics, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c965Bodystyling, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c967Fitness Yoga, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c970Dancing, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c971Remedial Physical Education, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c972Pilates, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c973Basketball, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c976Futsal, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c978Volleyball, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c980Zumba, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c981Tennis, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c983Table tennis, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c985Dance team MU, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c987Self-defence, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c9902Piloxing, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c991Fitness Bodybuilding, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c993Climbing Wall, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c995Cvičební program na speciálním stacionárním kole, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
c997Summer course, in CzechUniversity Sport Centre
ct025Football - coach A, in CzechDepartment of Sports
cv006Golf, in CzechLifelong Learning CentreB, N
cv013Golf advanced, in CzechLifelong Learning Centre
cv014Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Samba de Gafieira pro jednotlivce, in CzechLifelong Learning Centre
d001Anthropomotorics, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d003Applied mathematical statistics, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d011Qualitative Research Methodology, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d012Cooperation in the classroom III, in CzechDepartment of Kinesiology
d013Sociology of sport, in CzechDepartment of Social Sciences and Sport ManagamentD
d014Cooperation in the classroom IV, in CzechDepartment of Kinesiology
d015Research Projects, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d016Sports anthropology, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d017Stress tests in sports medicine, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d019Cooperation in the classroom V, in CzechDepartment of Kinesiology
d023Movement and health of children, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d024Philosophy of sports, in CzechFaculty of Sports StudiesD
d027Preparation of disertation work I, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d028Preparation of disertation work II, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d029Preparation of disertation work III, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d030Preparation of disertation work IV, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d031Publication I, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d033Conference lectures I, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d034Conference lectures II, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d035Publication in Czech II, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d036Publication in foreign, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d037Conference lectures, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d038Language Aptitude II, in CzechLanguage Centre, Faculty of Sports Studies DivisionD
d039Foreign residency, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d040Dissertation thesis preparation V., in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d042Cooperation in the classroom VI, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d044Courses completed at another university, in CzechFaculty of Sports StudiesD
d045Credits - Change in the Form of Studies, in CzechFaculty of Sports Studies
d046Cooperation in the classroom I, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
d047Cooperation in the classroom II, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyD
e004Multimedia in Sport, in EnglishDepartment of Kinesiology
e0052D and 3D Motion Analysis, in EnglishDepartment of Kinesiology
e006Psychomotricity, in EnglishDivision of History, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Sport
e007Sociology in Sport, in EnglishDivision of History, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Sport
e008First Aid, in EnglishDepartment of Kinesiology
e013Outdoor Activities, in EnglishDivision of Sport Motorics and Methodology in Kinanthropology
e016Table Tennis, in EnglishDepartment of Sports
e017Futsal, in EnglishDepartment of Sports
e019Trampolines, in EnglishDivision of Gymnastics
e020Body and Mind, in EnglishDivision of Gymnastics
e022Conditional Training, in EnglishDivision of Athletics
ep901Physical Education - Cognitive Hiking, in EnglishUniversity Sport Centre
ep902Physical Education - Fitnessyoga, in EnglishUniversity Sport Centre
ep903Physical Education - Volleyball Intermediate, in EnglishUniversity Sport Centre
ep904Physical Education - Climbing, in EnglishUniversity Sport Centre
ep912Physical Edication - Pilates, in EnglishUniversity Sport Centre
nk2004Didactics of Physical Education, in CzechDepartment of Sport PedagogyN
nk2019Methodology of Science, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyN
nk2022Social Sciences I, in CzechDepartment of KinesiologyN
nk2023Didactics of Athletics, in CzechDivision of AthleticsN
nk2025Theory and methodology of swimming sports, in CzechDivision of Swimming SportsN
nk2027Choreography of sports, in CzechDepartment of Gymnastics and Combatives
nk2029Pedagogical Practices I, in CzechDepartment of Sport PedagogyN
nk2031Special Seminar of Sport Psychology, in CzechDepartment of Social Sciences and Sport Managament
nk2032Statistics in Kinanthropology, in CzechDepartment of Kinesiology
nk2034Teambuilding, in CzechDivision of History, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of SportN
nk2048Human Being and Society in Contemporary Philosophy, in CzechDepartment of Social Sciences and Sport ManagamentN
nk2052Master's thesis I, in CzechFaculty of Sports Studies
nk2070Criminology, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2071Technical resources in selfdefense, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2074Theory and methodology of climbing, in CzechDivision of Outdoor SportsN
nk2075Theory and didactics of combatives in school physical education, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2076Theory and methodology of swimming, in CzechDivision of Swimming SportsN
nk2078Social psychology and communication for security forces, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2079Pedagogical Practices I, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2080Management ASEBS, in CzechDepartment of Social Sciences and Sport ManagamentN
nk2091Integrated rescue system, in CzechFaculty of Sports StudiesN
nk2093Master's thesis II, in CzechFaculty of Sports StudiesN
nk2099Professional self-defense projects, in CzechDivision of CombativesN
nk2100English Language Examination, in EnglishLanguage Centre, Faculty of Sports Studies DivisionN
nk2102Actuel forms and methods of gymnastics disciplines and dance, in CzechDivision of GymnasticsN
nk2107Actual forms and methods of sports games, in CzechDepartment of SportsN
nk2108Current forms and methods of outdoor sports, in CzechDivision of Outdoor SportsN
nk2109Exam from Skiing, in CzechDivision of Outdoor SportsN
nk2118Fitness Training II, in CzechDivision of AthleticsN
nk2122Trainer-methodological practice, in CzechDivision of AthleticsN
nk2220Conditioning IV, in CzechDivision of AthleticsN
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found: 632 records, displayed 301 - 400