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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Sports Studies in term Spring 2015 is 632

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course name
study type
sbp2234Specialisation I - Judo, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2236Specialisation III - Judo, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2237Specialization I - Box, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2239Specialization III - Box, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2240Specialisation I - Aikido, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2242Specialisation III - Aikido, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2243Specialization I - Wrestling, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2245Specialization III - Wrestling, in CzechDepartment of Gymnastics and CombativesB
sbp2246Specialization I - Volleyball, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2248Specialization III - Volleyball, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2255Specialization I - Fitness, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2257Specialization III - Fitness, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2258Specialization I - Football, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2260Specialization III - Football, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2261Specialization I - Badminton, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2263Specialization III - Badminton, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2296Alpine skiing, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
sbp2298Specializace III - Alpské lyžování, in CzechDepartment of SportsB
v2014High altitude training, in CzechDivision of AthleticsB, N
v2023Volleyball R, in CzechDepartment of SportsB, N
v2027Basketball, in CzechDepartment of SportsB, N
v2029Korfball, in CzechDepartment of SportsB, N
v2032Applied psychomotricity, in CzechDepartment of Social Sciences and Sport ManagamentB, N
v2036Dance Therapy, in CzechDepartment of Gymnastics and CombativesB, N
v2040English Language II, in EnglishLanguage Centre, Faculty of Sports Studies DivisionB
v2042English Language II, in EnglishLanguage Centre, Faculty of Sports Studies DivisionN
v2052Data analysis in biomechanics, in CzechFaculty of Sports StudiesB, N
v2054Applied sports nutrition, in EnglishDepartment of Health Support
v2055Florbal, in CzechDepartment of SportsN
vbp2054Biomechanics, in EnglishDepartment of KinesiologyB
vbp2077Methodology of bachelor's thesis, in EnglishDepartment of KinesiologyB
vbp2101Theory of sport training, in EnglishDepartment of SportsB
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found: 632 records, displayed 601 - 632