Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Kříž, Ph.D.

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Field of study: International Relations

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Zinaida Bechná (graduate 2014, topic: Understanding Armed Conflicts: Evolving Nature of Conflicts in the South Caucasus)
  • Vladimír Bízik (topic: The pacification process, limits of its universality, its tie to the Western cultural environment in comparison with partly Westernized societies)
  • Jan Blinka (topic: Trilateralism in regional conflicts)
  • Petr Čermák (topic: Conditions of Peacebuilding: A Comparative Case Study of Post-Yugoslav Region)
  • Tomáš Černohous
  • Michal Fliegel (topic: An Analysis of China's Soft Power in Northeast Asia)
  • Kateřina Fridrichová (topic: Humanitarian invervention: development of the concept and its definition)
  • Jakub Fučík (topic: Revolution in Military Affairs)
  • Vladan Hodulák (graduate 2012, topic: International Monetary Systems and Power)
  • Martin Chovančík (graduate 2014, topic: The effectiveness of arms embargoes in the management of armed conflicts)
  • Iva Krákorová (topic: Post-conflict mechanisms of society restoration and proposal for Syria reconstruction after the war)
  • Peter Ondrovič (graduate 2014, topic: Interim Administration in the Era of the Post-Westphalia Order: A Kosovo Case Study)
  • Barbora Padrtová (topic: Sekuritization of the Arctic – sectoral comparison of the key actors in the securitization process. Constructivist critique of security concept of the Copenhagen school.)
  • Jan Polišenský (graduate 2016, topic: Chinese foreing policy towards European Union since 2001: Strategic thinking and decissionmaking)
  • Stanislava Šerfelová (topic: Germany and Eastern Europe)
  • Peter Števkov (topic: Effect of Military Spending on Emergence of International Crises)
  • Eva Taterová (graduate 2016, topic: Czechoslovak Foreign Policy towards the State of Israel in 1948-1967)
  • Richard Turcsányi (graduate 2016, topic: Assertive Chinese Foreign Policy: The ‘Power-Shift’ Theory and the South China Sea)
  • Jana Urbanovská (graduate 2012, topic: Participation of states in UN peacekeeping operations. The Case of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria)
  • Hana Votradovcová (topic: Migration and its securitization in the East-Central Europe)
  • Lucie Vyčichlová (topic: Role of a conflict in self-perception of a state and its behavior in the international environment)