Prof. RNDr. Hana Librová, CSc.

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Field of study: Environmental Humanities

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Tomáš Chabada (topic: Population size as a factor of environmental burden.)
  • Lukáš Kala (graduate 2015, topic: Environmental aspects of the lifestyle of Czech singles)
  • Radoslava Krylová (topic: Urban wilderness)
  • Vojtěch Pelikán (topic: Roma and Nature: Image and Reality)
  • Dita Wickins Dražilová (graduate 2005, topic: Ethics of Zoos: Critical Analysis of Human Interests, Animal Interests and Protection of Species)
Field of study: Sociology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Lucie Galčanová (graduate 2013, topic: Narratives of Desire and Belonging: Suburban Experience in Sociological Perspective.)
  • Iva Šmídová (graduate 2004)