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Collective Action and Protest in East-Central Europe

Project Identification:GAP404/11/0462
Project Period:1/2011 - 12/2012
Investor:link to a new windowCzech Science Foundation
Programme / Project Type:Standard Projects -
MU Faculty/Unit:
Faculty of Social Studies
MU Investigator:Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Ing. Ondřej Císař, Ph.D.
Field:AO - Sociology, demography (A - Social sciences)
Keywords:collective action; political activism; protest; mobilization; East-Central Europe

The goal of this project is to bring and analyze data on collective action and political mobilization in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. The project will yield a unique data set which will subsequently be made publicly available on the Internet. The tools of protest event analysis will be employed in order to gather and analyze data. The most recent data we have on collective action in the Visegrad countries are from the first transition period of 1989-93, though they do not even include the Czech Republic. Given the fact that Central-East European countries have tremendously changed since then, the pattern of collective action has most probably changed too. The project is expected to substantially question the received wisdom on post-Communist societies and politics. In addition, the project is designed to deal with three specific research problems: (1) the recent mobilization of radical Right groups, (2) the influence of political regimes on collective action, and (3) the network properties of collective action.