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Online erotic dating: Why do some people seek an offline sex?

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Original title:Online erotic dating: Why do some people seek an offline sex?
Author:Anna Ševčíková
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Original language:English
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Type:R&D Presentation
Keywords:internet sexuality

Sexuality is an intergral part of human being. With the huge penetration of the Internet into a casual life, an enviroment where the sexuality can indicate is enlarged. Internet users can download pornographic materials, go into online erotic shops, have cybersex or do other sexual activities. This paper is focussed onto study of people who seek sex through online erotic dating. It will discuss motivation factors of online searching for a free offline sex. In the research field the motivation of engaging in online sexual activities is studied in the context of Internet and motives arising from a user personality are consecutively marginalized. This study shows that an interation of motivation factors refering to the Internet and the personality can better explain of what an allure of online erotic datings consists.

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