Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts was founded in 1921. It has over 9,600 students of regular diploma studies and offers humanities-oriented disciplines (primarily History, Philosophy and Classical Philology, then also Slavonic, Germanic and Romance Philology), as well as new research trends representing fields of study (Sociology, Psychology, Art History, Musicology) that are hold in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programme.

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Czech Republic
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Detailed information on R&D areas and projects:


Interdisciplinary archaeological researchback

The research determines the main social structures dominant in the periods from the Palaeolithic Era to the Middle Ages. It unites several research fields such as Archaeology, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The research focuses mainly on the human settlement space, theory of human settlement and landscape, its development in time, archaeology of space, technological processes and their connection to the relationship of humanity to the environment, symbolics of artefacts, objects and landscape and most importantly it focuses on the settlements in the context of everyday life (villages, cities, Castellology, Monasterology, etc.). It uses applications of Natural Sciences for example for determining deposit and post-deposit processes and their research.  

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Interdisciplinary historical and art studies research of the (Czech) Land in the European history phenomena, with emphasis on the Moravian historyback

The aim of the research is to examine the most important and topical questions of central-European historical and cultural identity with the emphasis to role of the historical countries. It unites the different research fields within the Faculty of Arts deepens it by cooperation with different research institutions both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The centre adopts interdisciplinary approach to methodology and the research of history, geography and culture. It focuses both on heuristic work, resource editing and information synthesis in the form of books and articles.

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Interdisciplinary philological researchback

The project on the Interdisciplinary Research of the Ancient Languages and the Early Phases of the Modern Languages is the fundament of the philological research at the Faculty of Arts. It aims to unite philological research of the linguistic and literary roots of the modern globalized Euro-American civilization. It works with the premise that every culture has a dead language or several dead languages closely connected to its historical foundations and its social and religious background. Contemporary culture includes many originally isolated subcultures and therefore it is vital to find their common foundations present in the language as well as to create conditions for better cooperation of the research of different philologies. The research is divided into two different but related philological sections; linguistics and literature.

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International research in the field of religion studiesback

The research in the fields of the Religious Studies and Philosophy is funded by several small national grants as well different European grant schemes. The most important international project is the project REVACERN – Religion and Values - funded by the FP6-2004-CITIZENS-5 COORDINATION ACTIONS. The project aims to create a working network for central and eastern European institutions which research religion. The main outcome of the project will be a collection of seventy essays.

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Interdisciplinary research in the field of musical arts and culture studiesback

Research in this area covers evaluation of development of musical, dramatic and fine arts. Among others, it includes literary history, theory and criticism, analytical and sociological research of the contemporary Czech culture, mass media and the audiovisual arts.

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Research in the field of library and information studiesback

Research in the field of the library and information studies is funded by several small national research grants, recently it has successfully applied in an ESF grant.

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Research in the field of philology and area studiesback

Research in this area is funded by several small national research grants, recently it has successfully applied in an ESF grant.

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Collaborative foreign entitiesback

  • Adam Mickiewicz University [PL]
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki [GR]
  • Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute for Art History [IT]
  • Brepols Publisher [BE]       
  • Collegium carolinum  [DE]
  • Comenius University in Bratislava [SK]    
  • GWZO Leipzig [DE]  
  • Heidelberg University [DE]  
  • Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf [DE]
  • Herder-Institut in Marburg [DE]    
  • Hungarian Academy of Science [HU]       
  • Institut Janineum [AT]       
  • Institute for Research of the Middle Ages, Vienna [AT]  
  • Institute of European History [DE] 
  • Jagiellonian University [PL] 
  • National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine [UA]   
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athena [GR]     
  • Pazmany Peter Catholic University [PL]
  • Polish Academy of Sciences [PL]
  • Slovak Academy of Science [SK]  
  • The Matica Srpska Society [RS]    
  • University of Bari [IT]        
  • University of Bucharest [RO]        
  • University of Cyprusin Lefkosia [CY]      
  • University of Debrecen [HU]         
  • University of Ljubljana [SI] 
  • University of Naples [IT]    
  • University of Nicosia, Cypru [CY]  
  • University of Salzburg [AT] 
  • University of Stuttgard [DE]
  • University of Szeged [HU]
  • University of Szeged [HU]
  • University of Tubingen [DE]
  • University of Vienna [AT]
  • University of Warsaw [PL]