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Total number of courses taught in English on the department Faculty of Social Studies in term Autumn 2012 is 89

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BSS105International security politics, in English
BSS401Conceptualization of security, in English
BSS457Regional Security Analysis, in English
BSS460Propaganda, in English
CZVMVZ001Atlantic and Continental Approach to Energy Security, in English
ENS242Green Economics, in English
ENS245Identity and the environment – social problems and challenges, in English
EUP401International/transnational Organizations and European Politics, in English
EUP402The Making of Europe (European System of States since 1648), in English
EUP403International Relations, in English
EUP407European Union in European Politics since 1989, in English
EUP408Radicalism in Europe, in English
EUP409Thesis Writing Seminar, in English
EUP411Making and Breaking of Central Europe, in English
EUP413Europe in Global Economy, in English
EUP415Nationalism and its Manifestations, in English
EUP420Crisis Management Operations, in English
EUP424NATO History, in English
EUP431Energy Policy of the EU, in English
EVS154Political Issues and Social Policy in the European Union, in English
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found: 89 records, displayed 1 - 20