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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Social Studies

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Social Studies in term Autumn 2016 is 794

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POL284Introduction into the academic writing, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL287Concepts in Political Philosophy, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL291Christianity and Politics, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL292Management of public sphere, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL294Workshop: Research in Political Science, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL296Public orders, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL297The Foundations of Political Modernity, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL333Populism and political parties, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyB
POL339American Political Institutions, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyB
POL340Rhetorics and presentation skills (in politics), in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL343Czechoslovak Politics 1945-1969, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL344Work Stage, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL347Heads of State in Europe, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL352Electoral Myth and Facts, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL353Czech Constitutional Interpretation, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL362Political advertisement, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL363Political psychology, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL370Elections in Practice, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL401Comparative Political Science, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL402Czech Policy Analysis, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL411Didactics of Political Science, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL417Czech Political Tradition, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL463Diploma Seminar, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL485Electoral Studies, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL501Nondemocratic Regimes, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL502Theory of Democratization, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL504Political attitudes and public opinion, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL505Theories and Concepts of Political Marketing, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL565Experimental Political Science, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL571American Political Institutions, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL578Intership, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL583Designing a Constitution, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL593Quantitative Approaches in Political Science, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL596Czech Politics after the November 1989, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL603Interactive Workshop: Challenging Propaganda, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL604Liberal Democracy in Times of Crisis, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL608Contemporary Democratic Theory: The Order of Public Reason, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL609Data and Elections, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
PST400PZPsychotherapeutic Studies - Entrance Exam, in CzechDepartment of Psychology
PST403Scholarship at a psychotherapeutical workplace and its supervision, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST404Psychotherapy in clinical field experience, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST405Psychotherapy research, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST407Psychotherapeutic approach, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST414Holding of psychotherapeutic conversation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST415Thesis Seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST431Psychosomatics, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST432Therapeutic community, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST433Family therapy, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST447Workshops of professionals from practice I., in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST453Psychotherapy: Theory, practice and research, in EnglishDepartment of PsychologyN
PSY001Theory and Methodology of Science, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY002General psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY003Developmental psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY004Social psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007aCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007bCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007cCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007dCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY008Conference presentation I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY009Conference presentation II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY010Research review in a journal or monography, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY011An article in a journal or monography, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY013Dissertation thesis I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY015Presentation of the dissertation project, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY016Dissertation thesis II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY020Teaching, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY021Dissertation preparation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY022Publication preparation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY024Dissertation thesis - theoretical part B, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY025Dissertation thesis - research part B, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY027Data Analysis – Qualitative Research, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY028Data Analysis – Quantitative Research, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY029Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY030Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY031Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY032Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY033Postupy kódování v kvalitativní analýze, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY101Introduction to psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY104Developmental psychology II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY105Psychology of cognitive processes, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY107Social Psychology I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY110Psychology of education, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY111Personnel Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY112Research methods in psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY113Human physiology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY114Social-psychological group training I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY124Psychology of Handicap, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY128Psychology of an everyday life, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY146Mental Health, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY151Cultural Anthropology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY160The psychology of color, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY193Baccalaureate thesis seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY225Voluntary work, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY227Practicum of Early Child Development, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY232R101: A practical guide to using R as your everyday statistical tool, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY251Applied psychology of personality, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY252Statistical data analysis II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY253Interview and Observation in Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY254Propedeutics into Science and Critical Thinking, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY255Psychology of individual differences, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
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found: 794 records, displayed 301 - 400