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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Social Studies

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Social Studies in term Spring 2015 is 816

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POL354Campaigns in the Czech Republic, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL357Postmodern Critical Theories, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL358Candidate Selection in Political Parties, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyB
POL359Contemporary European Union, in CzechDivision of PolitologyB
POL407Interest Groups, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL440Concepts in Modern Political Philosophy, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL463Diploma Seminar, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL476Theory of Postsoviet Politics, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL490Campaigning - theory and use - interacting workshop, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL494Methodology in Research, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL495Policy analysis, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL497Interest politics in practice, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL498Decision-making in public policy, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL506Study of Human Rights, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL507Content of Human Rights in a Comparative Perspective, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL508Political behaviour, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL509Spatial analysis of elections, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL510Electoral Campaigns, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL553Political and public speech - preparation, presentation, analysis, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL567Turkey`s Integration, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL574Constitutionalism, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL576Crisis communication and crisis management in politics, in CzechDepartment of Political ScienceN
POL577Branding in politics, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL578Intership, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL580Research of Democratization, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL587Cross-Cultural Negotiation, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
POL589Postcommunist Politics, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL590Policy decision-making, in CzechDivision of PolitologyN
POL592Theory of Political Marketing, in EnglishDivision of PolitologyN
PST403Scholarship at psychotherapeutic workplace and its supervision, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST405Psychotherapy research, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST407Psychotherapeutic approach, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST408Group dynamic, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST410Contemporary Psychotherapy, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST411Conflict and reconciliation (VLE), in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST412Psychotherapeutic practice, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST415Thesis Seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST437Introduction to nonverbal technics, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST441Narrative psychology and psychotherapy, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST442Psychotherapeutic symposium, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST448Workshops of professionals from practice II., in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST451Expressive Art Therapies - workshops, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PST452Family Psychotherapy in Clinical Practise, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PSY001Theory and Methodology of Science, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY002General psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY003Developmental psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY004Social psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007aCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007bCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007cCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY007dCommon seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY008Conference presentation I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY009Conference presentation II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY010Research review in a journal or monography, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY011An article in a journal or monography, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY013Dissertation thesis I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY015Presentation of the dissertation project, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY016Dissertation thesis II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY020Teaching, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY021Dissertation preparation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY022Publication preparation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY024Dissertation thesis - theoretical part B, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY025Dissertation thesis - research part B, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY028Data Analysis – Quantitative Research, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY029Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY030Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
psy031Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
psy032Participace na výuce a výzkumu, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyD
PSY102Personality Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY103Developmental psychology I, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY106Psychology of emotion and motivation, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY108Social Psychology II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY109Applied Social Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY117Statistical Analysis in Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY140Self-experience in Personality Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY143Psychology of Adolescence, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB, M
PSY155Principles of Psychology of Creativity, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY170Foster care, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY171Psychology of sexuality, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY174Psychology and the Internet, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY193Baccalaureate thesis seminar, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY201Resolving conflicts, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY210Psychology and prevention of somatoform disease, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY214Social-psychological group training II, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY216Ethical issues in psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY221P121Eating- and weight-related problems - risk factors assessment, in EnglishDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY222Introduction to political psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY258General psychology - metacognition, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY259Introduction to Psychometrics, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY260Applied Developmental Psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY261Psychology of Education - Applications, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY262Základy klinické psychologie a psychologie zdraví, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY264Psychology of preschool children, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY269History of psychology, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY271Psychology of Persuasion, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY273Youth Development, in EnglishDepartment of Psychology
PSY278Basics of Information Literacy, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY281The initial counseling interview, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyB
PSY403Psychodiagnostics of Children, Adolescents, and Family, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
PSY408Councelling Psychology - Relationships, Marriage, Family, in CzechDepartment of PsychologyN
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found: 816 records, displayed 301 - 400